Thoughts on Episode 1

11×01 – Out Of The Darkness, Into The Fire

My thoughts for the first episode of Supernatural season 11.

Before seeing the first episode for season 11:

I thought it was going to be pretty action-packed.  Sitting on the edge of your seat exciting. Waiting  the six months was tough after seeing the multiple previews on the first episode of season 11.

During the episode:

my thoughts were pretty much repeating the phrase ” Oh, my god.”  I was pretty worried about the boys(Sam, Cas, Dean). there were some pretty cool quotes in this weeks episode an example : ” Saving people is only half of the bumper sticker”- Sam Winchester. Thought it was pretty funny in the scenes when Crowley took that woman as a vessel.woman crowley

source for pic:

after the episode:

I think that the episode was a great start for season 11 can’t wait for next week, you can see the preview here.

I think this Darkness arc is going to be pretty cool.


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