thoughts on episode 2

11×02 – Form And Void


overall episode 2 was really good.

before seeing the episode:

I was pretty worried about Sam and Cas both of them seemed in quite the predicament last episode. Dean on the other hand was trying to save the baby which I have a feeling is more than just a normal baby.

during the episode:

I was practically on the edge of my seat for a majority of the episode. I’m glad that Sam found a way to cure himself he looked pretty bad there for a while.

sam infected with Darkness

Cas getting tortured for info he just didn’t have I felt pretty bad for our angel.

Dean figuring out that the baby wasn’t just any baby but the darkness.(I mean come on this baby communicated that she was hungry by putting blocks in the wall)

not so normal amara

thought it was funny how Dean answered Jenna’s call as ” Ghostbusters”. I also thought it was funny that when Dean did show back up to Jenna’s Crowley was the priest her grandma called when Amara(the baby) started doing freaky things.

priest crowley

I was quite surprised that when the boys showed back up at the bunker finally, that Cas was there asking for there help.

after the episode:

I am quite pleased how the season is progressing thus far. Excited to see if they can use Roweena to take the spell of of Cas. I am excited for next week after seeing the preview.

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