Thoughts on Episode 11×03

11×03 – The Bad Seed


overall I think it was pretty good there was a lot going on though.

before :

Before seeing the episode I thought it was going to be really good the boys trying to fix Cas and trying to get Amara.


There was quite a lot going on as I stated above.

from Crowley bringing Amara to hell and her devouring the souls of the demons in hell

she was really hungry this episode.

amara eating

to the boys trying to help Cas out of his problem with Roweena’s spell that she put on him at the end of season 10, Cas looked so helpless he looked like he could use a hug.

cas in blanket

I think it was kinda funny how Roweena was trying to put together a new coven and she wasn’t exactly succeeding in gaining any members.

when Cas ran off and was beating up Dean that scene reminded me of the episode where they were trying to find the angel tablet.

cas beating up dean

when Roweena cured Cas of the spell and the boys got back to the bunker it was kinda of hard seeing Cas looking all guilty.


Next weeks episode looks really interesting a new monster maybe?

pics from:×03-airs-tonight/


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