Thoughts on this weeks episode 11×06

11×06 – Out Little World



this weeks episode had a lot going on from Crowley and Amara to Cas and Metatron or even the Winchester brothers. But besides all of that going on it was a really great episode.


I thought it was going to be a great episode just from the preview.


This episode had alot going on from the boys trying to find Amara, Crowley and Amara’s sort of father daughter relationship, and Cas and Metatron’s little pow wow.

you can could really see the difference between the brothers this episode where Sam doesn’t want to kill unless he can’t do anything about where as Dean just wants to kill.

resraining the demons

I found it kind of funny how Amara is actually acting like a typical teenager.(sneaking out, being on the internet, ect)

Sam had a few “visions” this episode again, I hope he can figure out what they are trying to tell him. these visions also remind me when the series was still in it’s first seasons.

while Cas “interrogated” Metatron we found out a little information on the darkness.

cas beating metatron

poor Crowley is bored back in Hell after Amara “punished ” him for almost hurting Dean.


Can’t wait for next week with Donna coming back and I have a feeling after seeing Sam’s latest “vision” that someone(Lucifer most likely) is trying to get out of the cage hope to see more of that in the upcoming episodes.

the cage

pictures from :×06-9/×06-preview/


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