Thoughts on 11×07

11×07 – Plush


before seeing the episode I thought it was going to be interesting.


overall I think it was all around great episode it had the horror feel of the earlier seasons. I liked this episode it had both the horror of earlier seasons as I said and also humor.


I loved that we got to see Donna again, she’s pretty funny.


I liked how the boys were actually hunting in this episode instead of focusing on Amara.

there were a few  interesting masks that needed to be taken care of this week:

from a bunny

killer bunny

a clown(poor Sam)

clown and sam

and a deer

deer mask.gif

there were a lot of jokes about these masks.

I honestly thought the guy was going to stop when is nephew called out his name but he didn’t.

Sam had really good timing when he burned the mask seeing as the guy was strangling Dean at the same time.

I thought it was funny how Sam and Dean(hunters) were fighting a deer mask.


I liked the early season feel to the episode, I just can’t wait until the next one it looks funny but we don’t get to see it until Dec. 2

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