Interview with a fellow fan

I sat down with a fan that I introduced to Supernatural and asked them some questions

Q: When did you start watching the show

A: I started watching at season 10

Q:What is your favorite season

A:I have enjoyed all of them, but one of my
favorite one is Season 5. Sam and Dean get to see their
parents when they were young.

Q: Favorite Character

A:Besides Sam and Dean, I really like
Cas. He is a good friend and an angel you can
depend on most of the time. He has helped Sam
and Dean out of a lot of situations.

Q: What is your favorite character that has been killed

A:Bobby and Charlie.
Bobby was always there for the boys and worked
really well together. I always liked when he called
the boys “idjits
Charlie she was just Charlie. She would keep the boys
in line. It was really sad when she died.

Q: What is your favorite Angel

A: Cas has always been there to help
Sam and Dean

Q: What is your favorite bad guy

A: Death, he is a creepy little guy. And
Rowena, she hates her son Crowley and trys to find
ways to kill him.


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