Thoughts on 11×08

11×08 – Just My Imagination


the episode was all around funny and a bit emotional, personally I really enjoyed it.


Before :

I thought the episode was going to be really funny.



I thing it is funny how when Sam went into the kitchen for his coffee he didn’t notice the table filled with candy until the second time he passed it

I never thought of Sam being one of the kids who had an imaginary friend, but his was pretty cool.


I loved the flash backs that we got to see with young Sam and Sully interacting .

I do have to admit that the boys looked kinda funny wearing sweaters.

sweater wearing winchesters

I loved the looks on Sam, Dean, and Sully’s face when the mom of the girl comes back into the bed room and is walking through the “Crime Scene” of Sparkles’ death.


I also liked how Sam talked to Sully about how he’s been feeling since he really doesn’t do that with his brother.

I think it was cool how everyone’s imaginary friend was different from a unicorn man , a mermaid and just regular looking guys.


I thought it was kinda cool how Sully stood in front of Sam, when one of Sully’s kids was going to go after him, then Dean’s whole speech about how Sully was there for his little brother when he couldn’t was really sweet.



I liked it, it had funny elements to it as well as so emotional parts can’t wait for next week, we finally get to see Lucifer again!!!!

lucifer in cage

Pictures from:×08-airs-tonight/×08-promo-just-my.html



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