Thoughts on 11×09

11×09- O Brother Where Art Thou

Overall: It was a great episode, Amara having tantrums looking for her brother, and Sam meeting with Lucifer.



I think it is going to be a great episode, we finally get to see lucifer again after the boys locked him in the cage during season 5


the boys arguing about going to the cage again was kinda funny

we got some protective older bother Dean

sam safe

Amara killing people ,to get God(her brother)’s attention – which to me seemed like a huge temper tantrum.

Roweena’s expression when they mentioned Lucifer was kinda funny it was kinda like she wanted to meet him

Sam talking to lucifer and finding out that the visions weren’t from god they were from Lucifer.

lucifer in the cage

I honestly wasn’t sure what Sam was going to say when Lucifer wanted him to be his vessel again.

I got a little scared for sam when he ended up in there with Lucifer


I can’t wait for Supernatural to come back, looks like Lucifer is going to be around for a while can’t wait to see where they go with this


pictures from:×09



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