Thoughts on 11×10

 11×10 – The Devil In The Details


Before :

I was really excited to see this weeks episode, the previews made it look really good.


overall this episode was epic, loved it , now one of my favorites

During :

that little christmas bit that was Roweena’s dream was really funny

christmas scene

I loved the fashback bits that Lucifer was showing Sam, even if he was just trying to guilt him into saying yes.

poor Dean getting sick on the side of the road from the angels trying to kill Amara

the scene with the boys in the cage with Lucifer was pretty intense.

boys in cage

Cas as Lucifer was really creepy.


We got Cas’ legendary “Assbutt”  twice this episode to me it was just as funny as it was the first time.


I had a feeling he was going to kill Roweena though she was just a means to an end for him.



I can’t wait to see where they are going to go with this , we have Amara and Lucifer is out again this season just keeps getting better.


pictures from:×10-the-devil-in-the-details-promo/

<i>Supernatural</I> Fall Finale Photos: A Hellish Comeback, Dean vs. Amara — Plus: Jared Padalecki Teases Twists



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