My Thoughts on 11×11

11×11 – Into The Mystic


I’m a little excited to see this one especially since Lucifer is out of the cage and using Castiel as a vessel, can’t wait to see how this goes.


overall I really enjoyed this episode, it had a lot of Season 1 feels to it, I personally liked it, it had quite a few surprises and quite a bit of action.


this episode had an early series feel to it

the monster was pretty scary


I thought it was cool how they met another men of letter’s legacy, seeing as all the men of letters aren’t around anymore. Her and Sam hit it off pretty good

sam talking to anouther men of letter's kid

That old lady at the retirement home really liked Dean, she never wanted to let him go

dean talking to a resident

Lucifer sure fooled Dean, acting like Cas and letting him tell him everything about Amara. but I think that Dean is suspicious about Cas though

lucifer talking to dean

I thought it was funny how when Lucifer was in the park and noticed that there was another angel, he just gets up like nothing, whistling away.

cas as Luci

one thing I didn’t really get is that the monster goes after people who are vulnerable, how is Dean vulnerable since it went after him when they were trying to kill it.


The boys sure were worried about each other this week, Dean asked Sam at least twice if he was OK.



this episode was great, and after seeing the preview for next week it looks like another good one.

pictures from:×11-into-the-mystic-promotional-photos



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