Thoughts on 11×12

11×12- Don’t You Forget About Me


I think that this episode is going to be a good one judging by the preview we are going to be seeing more than just Sam and Dean.


overall I think this was a great episode, if they ever did a spin-off show for supernatural I think it would be cool if it was on the three women that they focused on tonight ( Jodi, Alex, and Claire), but besides that I absolutely loved the episode it had a few slow points, some action and a bit of humor.


this episode was really good we got to see Jodi again.

Jodi’s little family with the girls is cute, seeing as she lost her family she gets to have one now.


to me it seems that every time Jodi is in an episode she ends up getting her ass kicked.

jodi beat up

Dean and food this episode jeez, I mean back at the bunker with that “the Elvis” sandwitch and then with Jodi, he must really be hungry

the elvis

that “family dinner” was really funny espessially the boys eating like they haven’t seen food in a week. and their faces when they were taking about Alex and her boyfriend/sex was funny.

eatingfamily dinner

We even got the boys acting kind of like fathers to the girls especially Dean

father dean

I had a bad feeling about Alex’s boyfriend from the start

alex and boyfriend

I liked how even though the girls fight alot they do care about eachother like real family


their is quite a few parallels between the girls and the winchesters

a few are:

  1. Alex and Sam both just wanted to be normal
  2.  Claire and Dean both are in the hunting life so they are going to hunt.


I think it was funny how the boys were wearing trench coats, too bad Cas wasn’t in this one if he was all of them would have matched.

trench coats

Poor Alex those Vamps really want to get there hands on her.


Sam and the leftovers was funny, wonder if Jodi is going to be sending the boys home cooked food now though

left overs


I like where this season is going looks like next week is a valentine’s day one, looks good can’t wait.


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