Thoughts on 11×13

11×13- Love Hurts


I think this will be a good one seeing how all the other holiday ones are.


I think the episode was ok, it seemed kinda slow until the end.


I loved the opening with the passed holiday episodes that was really cool seeing as this was supposed to be a valentines day episode.

Dean had a pretty successful valentine’s day or “unattached drifted Christmas” as he called it in the passed.

driffter christmas

that news paper heading was kinda ironic though.

haven’t people learn not to mess with the supernatural, ex: witches, yet.

I can’t believe that Dean kissed her to stop her husband.

Dean looked really happy/excited that he finally won a game of Rock Paper Scissors

rock paper siscorswinning rpsalways with the sissors

poor sam, he’s always the one that the monster/bad guy goes after first.

sam pushed by witch

I totally called it being Amara, even if I personally don’t like her and Dean together.

I loved the brotherly moment at the end.

brothers talking

I’m glad that Dean finnally told Sam about him and Amara, I think he should have been  the first.



I can’t wait for next week when we get to time travel again!


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