Thoughts on 11×14

11×14 – The Vessel


I think this is going to be a good one, we haven’t time traveled in a while…


this episode was really good


we got to time travel again, haven’t done that in quite a few seasons

Sam drank up all the coffee on Dean

out of coffeedrink

Lucifer is ruling hell, but seems kinda board with it, playing on an iPad and all.

ipad playing

Crowley is lucifer’s pet, this scene was pretty funny

crowley pet

Sam is so trusting of people it is scary sometimes, I get that he thought it was Cas but still,

trust you.gif

Lucifer touching Sam’s soul gave Cas the strength to at least fight him off for a little while.

Lucifer preparing the spell looked almost as if he was going to be cooking  dinner

spell cooking

the boys finally figured out it was Lucifer in Cas

when the crew found out about Dean on the sub was funny especially when Dean was trying to talk to the women of letters that one crewmen kept asking Dean questions.

I wonder if Dean would’ve touched the hand of god, would he have survived

Lucifer got seriously pissed at the boys this week, honestly a little surprised he didn’t smite them

but Sam banishes him with out Lucifer even seeing him do it, sneaky Sam.

banshing luci

Dean’s look at the end, he’s got so much guilt about of what had happened,

guilty dean


the boys know about Lucifer now I wonder what they are going to do next, next week looks like a good one

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