thoughts on 11×15

11×15 –  beyond the mat


I’m not sure about how interesting this one is going to be


it’s a pretty good one overall, we got to see a different side of Dean that we don’t normally see,  Dean the fanboy


this episode was pretty interesting

we got Crowley free from Lucifer’s hold and he had a hand of god which he tried to use on Lucifer

crowley hand of god

we got Dean being a total fanboy

fanboy dean

the scene with Dean alone in the ring was really funny

in the ring

the boys confronting their idols from TV as kids

Dean was soooo drunk when Sam found him at the bar


the scenes where the boys are watching the match were cool because it just seems like they are regular people instead of the life they usually live, as hunters

boys at the match

Dean looked so broken when he found the wrestler was with the demon, and he really wanted to help save him when it was all over

that speech about them winning at the end was awesome.



I can’t wait for the next one this one was better than I thought it was going to be, but we have to wait until mid – march for another one.


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