thoughts on 11×17

11×17 – Red Meat



I’m kind of worried about this weeks episode, I mean in the preview you can see Sam getting shot, but other than that I can’t wait to see how the boys handle this weeks adventure.


this episode was quite the emotional roller-coaster. despite that though it was really good, I think it was a little confusing in the beginning when they kept flipping from past to present though.


oh my goodness this episode was intense and from the beginning to the end I was on the edge of my seat.

the beginning of the episode was pretty hard to watch, Sam gets shot, then Dean thinks he’s dead,Dean’s face when he realizes Sam is dead is so heartbreaking

emotional dean over sam dead

the boys are always trying to break the tension and worry with humor I mean Sam was shot a dean is talking about keeping the bullet that he pulled from his brother

save the bullet

I really hated the guy that they saved he was such a jerk, I mean I get that Sam was hurt worse than anyone, but still, and Dean’s reaction to what he said is just so Dean

we gotta go3vs1not leaving sam

it is almost scary of how co-dependent the boys are of each other, we saw that during this episode when Dean was going to go in Sam’s place when he thought Sam was dead when he was talking to Billie.

Sam kicking ass and bleeding out was pretty awesome I mean he get shot in the stomach kills werewolves, finds Dean and saves his brother, that’s awesome!

sam saves Dean

Sam and Dean were kinda like Romeo and Juliet this week

Sam dies, Dean kills himself  then Sam wakes up , Dean gets revived its kinda funny

he's okdean out

Sam totally didn’t believe Dean at the end though when they were talking about what Dean did when he thought Sam was dead.



man that was quite the emotional trip not gonna lie I totally teared up during this one. next weeks looks like another good one.

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