thoughts on 11×18

11×18 – Hell’s Angel


can’t wait to see this one, we’re going to get back to the main plot line of the season, Amara, and I wonder how the angels are going to act with Lucifer in heaven with them.


it was a fairly good episode a little slow in the beginning though.


after Sam almost dying last week the boys sure do argue a lot this week.

argue boys

so Crowley’s going to work with the boys for now, and the boys find out how he’s been treated while Lucifer took over as the ruler of hell.

I can’t believe that Roweena is actually alive that was quite a surprise, but I don’t think she knows which side she wants to help out though.

so when Lucifer explodes angels they turn to smoke vs  turn to blood/guts

lucifer exploding angelBlown-Up-Angel

the whole Lucifer in heaven having a conference with the other angels was kinda funny though.


we got a little sneak peek of the kind of power Amara has, and that was just a little I wouldn’t want to really piss her off

the whole scene with Cassifer( Lucifer in Cas) , the boys, Crowley was pretty intense,

boys with casifer

Cas mocking Dean trying to talk to Cas, kinda reminds me of swan song in season 5 when Dean’s trying to talk to Sam.

cas mocking

I think it is kinda funny how Cas’ happy place is the bunker

cas happy place

poor Cas thinks he is doing the right thing…

I was kinda excited to see Amara for once, she actually saved the boys from Lucifer

so the hand of god didn’t work on Amara with Lucifer using it, I wonder what their next plan to get rid of her will be.

So Amara and Lucifer have history I wonder if we will get to see any of that in a flash back or something.

Amara is willing to do absolutely  anything to talk to her brother

I’m kinda scared for Cas right now to be honest


was that really the end of the episode… why would they end it like that and the next episode looks like the boys are taking a case so we don’t even get to see what happens dang it.

I can’t believe that they are making us wait until the 28th after that ending ….

pictures from:

‘Supernatural’ recap 11×18 “Hell’s Angel”


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