thoughts on 11×19

11×19 – The Chitters


i’m not really sure about this one, seems interesting though


it was quite an interesting episode, we found a new monster, met a few new hunters


the boys are still overly worried about Cas especially Dean which is to be expected.

I didn’t realize that the younger boy in the beginning was the red plaid wearing hunter that we meet this week until almost the end

young jes with brojessie

the chitters were kinda creepy but yet interesting

so Sam was a rebel growing up he even did some things in college

it was college

Dean kept getting attacked this week maybe he’s getting a little rusty from all the research he’s been doing

chitter attacks dean

Dean gets saved by some new hunters who they help to get rid of the chitters

two new hunters

Jessie is really hellbent on getting rid of these things

it's dead

the little talk the boys had at the end about when they were young was kinda heart warming.


this episode was interestingly kinda funny, next week looks great

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