thoughts on 11×20

11×20 – Don’t Call Me Surley


I can’t wait for this episode just judging from the preview it is going to be a good one


OH MY CHUCK, this episode was awesome, a lot going on like we finally meet god, the boys getting in trouble ,but awesome this episode definitely went in my top 10 episodes.


I totally called that dean was ironing the shirt with beer before Sam called Dean out on it

ironing with beeer

we meet god(chuck) which I kinda saw coming some of other fans even started calling him god before this episode.

i'm chuck

so this episode is kinda cut in half between the boys and Metatron and God…sorry Chuck

lets start with the boys 

the boys catch a case and find out that they are dealing with Amara again, people geeing that black vein thing when affected.

the boys try to save people by getting them inside, but Sam gets infected again and Sam tries to get Dean to leave him but them being so codependent and not wanting to leave eachother Dean stays with his brother

not leaving you

I think it’s kinda funny how when Dean yells out to who I’m guessing is god to stop what was going on it actually did and they found a familiar object in Sam’s pocket.

guess what we get the Samulet back as well

goodbye samulet

it turns out that Sam kept it and the boys find it in his pocket when it starts to glow

in sam's pocket

they follow the brightness until they see someone familiar

shining amuletyou are god

OK now lets talk Chuck and Metatron

Metatron gets I guess you can call it transported to a bar where he seees “carver edlund” but chuck showed him who he really was.. God

they get to talking and writing since Chuck is writing his memoir

it’s kinda funny after all this time Chuck sill has the same looking computer

chuck at computer

Metatron gets mad at chuck for abandoning him and everyone else, but Chuck had a very self doubt like attitude about it

chuck giving up

apparently the samulet does work Chuck could just control if it could work or not


when metatron is talking to chuck about his book and he asks him why there isn’t much on the archangels and Lucfier being his favorite his reaction is kinda funny,

luci favoritenot my fav

cause of how many times he has fixed Cas I’m thinking that Cas might actually be his favorite

rebuilt cas


Oh my goodness this episode was awesome can’t wait for next week looks like another great one. I wonder how the boys are going to react to Chuck being God

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