Thoughts On 11×21

11×21 – All In The Family


I think this is going to be kinda interesting seeing as the boys find out that the chuck they met as the “prophet” is actually God.


this episode was Ok, pretty slow and we didn’t exactly move forward with any of the problems that the boys still need to solve.


we got a little bit of closure for Kevin

kevin move onmove on

the reactions that the boys had that Chuck is god kinda surprised me a bit

Sam was like all excited

fanboy sam

and then you have Dean who I thought would have been pissed off, when he was just upset

you did nothingsingle man tear

God reminded me a bit of Cas when he “people watches”

cas people watchingchuck people watching

god looked like he really made himself comfortable in the bunker

relaxed chuck

the donuts that God had, are from Voodoo Donuts I’ve had some when I visited family in Portland, OR


we met a new prophet Donatello

new prophet

Metatron helped to rescue Casifer(Lucifer in Cas)

one thing that I didn’t understand is when God confronted “Lucifer” he didn’t say anything about him being in Cas.



I hope next week is a little more exciting, but still can’t wait to see it


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