thoughts on 11×22

11×22 – We Happy Few



I think this is going to be interesting seeing as we might have Crowley,Roweena, the boys working together


this is a very intense episode, it was a bit hard to understand what was happening when at one point but my overall reaction is probably what the heck and what is happening especially in the last few scenes of the episode.


the beginning of the episode was kinda funny we have the boys being domestic with none other than God and the devil.

domestic breakfast

we have Lucifer acting like a teenager “mad at Daddy and going to “his” room”

teen lucmy room

the boys playing therapist again was really funny

family therapy

Crowley trying to get his demons back on his side kinda reminded me when Abadon was “campaigning” for queen of hell.


there plan for fighting Amara sounds like the beginning of a bad joke: the Winchesters, god, the devil, a witch and the king of hell….

group to defeat amara

Misha Collins who plays Castiel, his acting was awesome in the scene where he talks to the angels as both Lucifer and Castiel, you could actually tell who was who.

Roweena’s insults to Sam are hilarious : Giant, ect.rowena insults

Sam almost having the mark kinda scared me seeing as what happened with Dean when he had it the last few seasons

for being God, he doesn’t do very much does he?

the whole fight scene with Amara was epic, but I was also thinking what the Hell

Dean asks the one question I think alot of us are asking

where cas



Oh my gosh so glad that this was not the season finale, I am so not ready for the finale

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