Thoughts on 11×23

11×23 – Alpha and Omega



I can’t believe it’s the season finale already, can’t wait to see what cliff hanger they are going to leave us with this time.


for a season finale it was pretty slow and not that much happened it had a few good points though.


Cas is Back, I think it’s kinda funny how we have a confused Cas and Dean goes “Cas is back”

cas is back

can’t really believe that we didn’t get any conversation between god and Cas though

the “tension”/ relationship between Billie and Crowley was hilarious

billie and crowley

I think it is funny how the world is ending and everyone’s first thought except for sam is i need a drink

beerdrinking, end of the world

Dean imperonating Roweena as he is talking about getting the ghosts with sam was pretty funny.

the boys went on a little ghost hunt/soul gathering

Dean and Sam’s BM scene by there mothers grave was pretty heartbreaking

chick flicknow chick flickyou like chick flicksyou're right hug


Dean is a pretty good counslor if they ever retire he could totally do it on the side


when god and amara went off to who knows where was pretty cool looking

god and darkness leaving

and God leaving the earth in the winchesters “custody”/ hands

its fineit has you

that lady from england who is a lady of letters looks like she has been “hunting” the boys for  a while that wall she had of them, that wall kinda reminds me of a hunters wall for a hunt.

sam and dean wall

Sam thinks that Dean is dead, and was so upset he didn’t look like he cared if she shot him or not

Amara tells dean that she’s gonna give him some thing that he’s  always wanted

and guess who shows up

mom back


this didn’t seem very finale like, but I still enjoyed it , Can’t wait until October for next season

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