Thoughts on 12×01

12×01 -Keep Calm and Carry On


I’m excited! going off of previews it’s going to be a good one. wonder how Mary is going to fit into the season.


I love the new season title card


loved all the mother/son scenes with Dean and Mary.

I think it’s cool how both mother and son have a nickname for the car


you can tell on Dean’s face that he’s not going to look at his car the same after the look on his mother’s face looking at the back seat.


I felt so bad for Sam throughout the episode with him being tortured, and him halucinating, I wanted to give him a hug.

I loved Sam’s comment about being tortured by the devil before the torture started


I was proud of Sam staying to his word throughout everything that they did to him


don’t people know my now that you don’t hurt Sam, but Dean is pretty scary when something happens to his brother



3 words, OH MY GOD! this episode was totally awesome! wished they would’ve saved sam by the end though. Can’t wait for next week!


pictures from tumblr and google


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