Thoughts on 12×03

12×03- The Foundry


can’t wait to see the boys hunting along side there mother


there was alot of great moments this week, as well as some parallels to earlier seasons.

we had a family hunting trip with the boys and there mom


while Cas went to find Lucifer, though without his trenchcoat he just looked funny


in the car with the winchesters it was weird not seeing Sam in the front seat next to Dean


though it’s funny of how much alike Mary and Dean are, like they both raised the volume on the music when Sam wanted it turned down.

when Mary walked into the room that held the crib in the abandoned house, it reminded me of the pilot when she walked in on yellow eyes.

I like how we’re going back to the basics, a good ol’ salt and burn


Dean’s really good at talking his family out of being possessed, he did it to Mary this week, he’s done it with his dad when he was possessed by yellow eyes, and to Sam when he was possesed by Lucifer during the apocolypse.

that ending scene at the bunker when she decides to leave was really heartbreaking, especially the way Dean was acting, he was trying so hard not to cry in front of his mother


you could even tell that Sam was upset by the news though he seemed to not be taking it has hard as his brother


felt so bad for them, they just got her back and then she leaves them. as if Dean didn’t have enough abandonment issues before this.


well that was one emotional ending. the boys are alone once again, can’t wait for next week, looks like an interesting one.


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