Thoughts of 12×05

12×05 – The One You’ve Been Waiting For



looks like a good one, the boys are going after Hitler next week


episode was kinda slow, though it had it’s good parts.

you know something’s wrong with Dean when he denies pie


Dean was such a klutz in the antiuque shop with that model boat, and Sam was acting like a parent telling his brother not to touch anything.

it really must have been a shock to the girl when she found out she was related to hitler and was adopted in the same day.

poor Dean, he couldn’t use his grenade launcher


when Hitler ‘woke’ up he was absolutely hilarious, he kept laughing and jumping around as well as hugging some of his followers, I didn’t really expect Hitler to act like that.

despite the blood loss, the girl did help out the boys by shooting one of the necromancers.

Dean killed Hitler and Sam seemed pretty amazed by that fact.


I have a feeling Dean’s not going to let Sam forget the fact that he did kill Hitler for a while



can’t wait for next week, we get Jodi and the reaper Billie back looks like a great one!


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