thoughts on 12×07

12×07 – Rock Never Dies



looks like a good one, Lucifer’s back and the boys get to see him for the first time since battle against Amara.


this was quite a weird one that’s for sure.

Lucifer is still in the rockstar Vince


and he goes on a weird ‘make me famous’ kick and killing people who don’t agree with him.

think it was funny seeing Dean playing games on his phone with his mom, instead of finding a case or something similar.


Dean picking on Sam for listening to Vince’s music and Sam calling it ‘research’ since lucifer is in Vince.

Cas sure had sass this week, calling Dean’s usual attire ‘looking like a lumberjack’

thought it was cool how Dean picks up the guitar in Vince’s room and starts to try and play


loved the leather jackets the boys were to try and find out where Lucifer was going to playing at


during the fight with Cas, Lucifer and Crowley thought it was funny how when Crowley showed up Lucifer called him ‘spanky’

after the boys got the fans out of the building loved cas’s “hey assbut”

loved Lucifer’s speech to the boys about god and himself he almost seemed like a whiny teen.

poor lucifer can’t seem to keep a vessel


this one was pretty freaky but next weeks looks just as good

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