thoughts on 11×08

12×08- Lotus


can’t wait for this one to see what or rather who Lucifer is going to be next


Lucifer sure like the fame of being in a famous body, since he’s not just going into anyone he can find anymore, this week he ended up in none other than the president


loved the sass between Crowley and Sam


thought it was funny of how proud Roweena was when Crowley killed her latest cheating conquest


loved there reaction to finding out that Lucifer had created a nephilim


Dean is still wanting to use that grenade launcher

dean-wants-grenade-launcher ah

Mr. Ketch was not what I expected, I thought he was going to be like Toni who had tried to kill the boys, but he was actually more understanding and paitent with them, the boys were pretty facinated by the ‘toys’ that Mr. Ketch had in the car.

I thought it was cool how they ended up removing Lucifer from his vessel


can’t believe that the boys ended up getting arrested, hope they can find a way to get out of this one



this episode was so awesome! I wonder how the boys are going to get out of this one.

Supernatural reruns in January at a brand new time 8/7c, can’t wait to see the next episode


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