thoughts on 12×10

12×10 – Lilly Sunder Has Some Regrets



think this is going to be an interesting one, focasing on the angels



it is a very Cas eccentric episode we get a flashback to the 1900’s to one of the angel’s missions on earth.

Dean and Cas are a bit at odds with each other over the whole killing Billie being a stupid decision on Cas’ part and Sam kinda being a bit of a mediator.

loved how when the boys are waiting outside Sam comments to Dean “and your going to storm in riiiight Now!”


it was funny how all of team free will tried squeezing onto one side of the booth in the resturant where Cas is talking to his angel ‘friends’


I really despised Ishim, i don’t know I was pretty happy when Cas ended up killing him


liked the ‘don’t do anything else stupid comments between Dean and Cas



I found this one pretty boring though next week looks amazing


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