thoughts on 12×11

12×11- Regarding Dean


this looks like a really good one, poor Dean looks like he’s going to be having some trouble


poor Dean, though amnesiac Dean was kinda fun to watch.

Loved how when he woke up in the forest he picks up the rabbit that was beside him and said “hey buddy” before letting it go again.


found it funny how he called a lamp a ‘light stick’ and Sam proceding to put up Sticky notes to remind Dean what things were


thought the reference to Dory from Finding Nemo was perfect for Dean’s situation.

Dean playing with a voodoo doll while Rowena worked was kinda funny hope it wasn’t connected to anyone


found it kinda funny out of everything on tv he was entertained by Scooby Doo, which in a sense are teenage ghost hunters


as the episode progressed Dean became less of himself, it was heart breaking watching him talk to him self in the mirror go from “My name is Dean Winchester” to “I Don’t Know”


liked how when Dean went in to save his brother how he couldn’t tell which was his brother and the witch so he points the gun at Sam but Sam set him straight




really loved this one reminds me almost of a reversed yellow fever, I miss having the preview on at the end of the episodes. Next week looks like good one


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