thoughts on 12×12

12×12 -Stuck In The Middle (With You)



think this is going to be an interesting one that’s for sure


it was a bit confusing when it kept going back and forth but it sure was a good one!


the diner scene was pretty nice kinda like a family dinner in a way,


poor Cas, he’s always getting himself hurt lately. though this time it seemed like we might actually lose him


Cas’ little speech to the Winchesters sure was heart jerking


why didn’t Mary give the prince of hell what she took? I mean I get she was on a mission for the British Men Of Letters but still if giving it up would have saved her family why not hand it over?


we finally get to see how Crowley went form salesman to king of hell, which i found pretty interesting.

for a minute I honestly thought Cas was going to die, until Crowley saved the day thank goodness


I was really excited when I heard Lucifer’s voice down in hell with Crowley man did I miss the original Lucifer


so The British Men Of Letters were after the Colt? wonder if there is even any bullets left in it and how in the world did Crowley get his hands on it when he gave it to the Prince of Hell.



LUCIFER’S BACK! can’t wait to see where we go from here, Kinda pissed off at how Mary acted during this one I hope she comes clean to the boys about her work with the British men of letters.


images from : Tumblr. com


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