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Thoughts on 12×02

12×02 – Momma Mia



I’m really excited for this one, can’t wait for Sam to hopefully get rescued.I wonder how Sam’s going to react when he meets his mother for the first time.


there was alot going on this week though i wish we saw more of Sam then we did.

anyway, the opening scene with Sam and Toni really grossed me out


I was relieved it was just her messing with his head again.

I loved all the mother son scenes that we got this week.especially the one with sam at the end of the episode where Sam talked with his mom and also got a hug from his her.


and Sam’s face when he sees his mom for the first time, was pretty heartbreaking


I think it’s kinda funny how twice already this season Mary’s been the one to save the boys, she’s pretty badass!


the way Lucifer convinced the rock star to be his vessel was really similar to how he convinced Nick, and tried to convince Sam back in season 5.

I absolutely loved Rowena’s sass, when she was helping Crowley find Lucifer


the scene with the boys and Mary eating at the bunker after leaving the place Sam was kept hostage, was really nice especially the part with the pie



I wonder who the guy is with all the weapons, have a feeling there’s going to be more trouble from the british men of letters then the boys think.

looks like we’re getting back to hunting next week, can’t wait to see Mary hunting besides the boys

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My sister caught up with a fellow fan and asked some questions for me :

Q: favorite bad guy ?
A: Lucifer
Q: favorite episode ?
A:yellow fever
Q:favorite character ?
Q:favorite season ?
A:season 4
Q:when did you start watching ?
A:season 4
Q: favorite Winchester ?
Q:favorite catch -phrase ?
A: my ” people skills ” are “rusty” and driver picks the music and shotgun shuts his cake hole
Q: favorite girl character ?
A: Charlie


My experience watching supernatural has been going on for a few years. I may have only started watching the series during season 8 but since then I have watched every episode. I have loved the series ever since I started watching some episodes have been favorites and others not so much. For me the series has some points where it feels like an emotional roller coaster.

I love how the series has kept some of the same aspects since the beginning with the two brothers. From monsters to saving the world the Winchester brothers will continue to keep my interest for years to come.