Preview of 13×02


Summary: Sam and Dean begin to explore what Jack is capable of doing with his powers. An unexpected visit from Donatello alerts the boys to the fact that Jack will need more protection than the Winchesters can provide. There is a new Prince of Hell in town, Asmodeus, and with Lucifer out of the picture, he sets his sights set on Jack.


thoughts on 12×12

12×12 -Stuck In The Middle (With You)



think this is going to be an interesting one that’s for sure


it was a bit confusing when it kept going back and forth but it sure was a good one!


the diner scene was pretty nice kinda like a family dinner in a way,


poor Cas, he’s always getting himself hurt lately. though this time it seemed like we might actually lose him


Cas’ little speech to the Winchesters sure was heart jerking


why didn’t Mary give the prince of hell what she took? I mean I get she was on a mission for the British Men Of Letters but still if giving it up would have saved her family why not hand it over?


we finally get to see how Crowley went form salesman to king of hell, which i found pretty interesting.

for a minute I honestly thought Cas was going to die, until Crowley saved the day thank goodness


I was really excited when I heard Lucifer’s voice down in hell with Crowley man did I miss the original Lucifer


so The British Men Of Letters were after the Colt? wonder if there is even any bullets left in it and how in the world did Crowley get his hands on it when he gave it to the Prince of Hell.



LUCIFER’S BACK! can’t wait to see where we go from here, Kinda pissed off at how Mary acted during this one I hope she comes clean to the boys about her work with the British men of letters.


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thoughts on 12×11

12×11- Regarding Dean


this looks like a really good one, poor Dean looks like he’s going to be having some trouble


poor Dean, though amnesiac Dean was kinda fun to watch.

Loved how when he woke up in the forest he picks up the rabbit that was beside him and said “hey buddy” before letting it go again.


found it funny how he called a lamp a ‘light stick’ and Sam proceding to put up Sticky notes to remind Dean what things were


thought the reference to Dory from Finding Nemo was perfect for Dean’s situation.

Dean playing with a voodoo doll while Rowena worked was kinda funny hope it wasn’t connected to anyone


found it kinda funny out of everything on tv he was entertained by Scooby Doo, which in a sense are teenage ghost hunters


as the episode progressed Dean became less of himself, it was heart breaking watching him talk to him self in the mirror go from “My name is Dean Winchester” to “I Don’t Know”


liked how when Dean went in to save his brother how he couldn’t tell which was his brother and the witch so he points the gun at Sam but Sam set him straight




really loved this one reminds me almost of a reversed yellow fever, I miss having the preview on at the end of the episodes. Next week looks like good one

thoughts on 12×10

12×10 – Lilly Sunder Has Some Regrets



think this is going to be an interesting one, focasing on the angels



it is a very Cas eccentric episode we get a flashback to the 1900’s to one of the angel’s missions on earth.

Dean and Cas are a bit at odds with each other over the whole killing Billie being a stupid decision on Cas’ part and Sam kinda being a bit of a mediator.

loved how when the boys are waiting outside Sam comments to Dean “and your going to storm in riiiight Now!”


it was funny how all of team free will tried squeezing onto one side of the booth in the resturant where Cas is talking to his angel ‘friends’


I really despised Ishim, i don’t know I was pretty happy when Cas ended up killing him


liked the ‘don’t do anything else stupid comments between Dean and Cas



I found this one pretty boring though next week looks amazing


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Thoughts on 12×09

12×09-First Blood



can’t wait for this one, to see what happens to the boys in prison and how Cas and Mary hopefully help them get out


this episode was hectic going from the boys in prison and Cas and Mary’s search for them.

Cas looked so heartbroken for the whole episode


the boys seperated must have been so hard on them, especially the way they are so dependant on eachother.


the boys’ reaction to prison food was pretty funny


after all there deaths in the series I don’t know how i’m still surprised by them ending up dead, but when they found there bodies in there cells I was a bit surprised, but I knew they’d be back to walking around again


even after looking at the boys’ file the government/army still underestimated the boys

I loved Sam’s response when asked ‘who are you’


loved all the hugs, though we learn later in the episode these would’ve been the last time they would’ve seen Cas and Mary


can’t belief that they actually made a deal with Billie, not that I blamed them but still after all they’ve went through with demon deals you’d think they’d know making deals never goes there way.

the way dean explained prison to Mary and Cas


we know what Dean went through in hell so if he’s saying prison was worse, you know it was terrible for him.

I absolutely loved Cas’ speech after he killed Billie


though I wonder what consequences we’re going to have to deal with in response to Billie’s deal being broken.


great episode! I was on the edge of my seat practically the whole time. Next week looks another good one.

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